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"Sales Bath is the secret weapon of startups all over the globe"

Including companies from Y-Combinator | HAX | 500 | Techstars

"Sales Bath completely changed my prospecting efforts over night. Good bye cold calling...hello Sales Demos :)"

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What is Sales Bath?

Sales Bath is a simple tool that makes it possible for you to generate leads from literally any target market. Watch your prospecting go on auto-pilot and your subsequent sales and demos go through the roof. This simple tool is literally changing the sales landscape and blessing the lives of sales people every where.

Used by startups all over the globe, Sales Bath is known as the secret weapon of startups. Used by entrepreneurs and founders from companies funded by Y-Combinator, HAX, 500, and Techstars, Sales Bath has proven to be a bastion of glory for generating sales and putting revenue on the map. Effectively putting user acquisition costs to zero.


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